Red Devils Airsoft Plan for re-opening Spring 2020.

Table of contents;
Hours of Operation
Capacity/Gate Closure
Start House
Command Posts/safe zones
Storage of items
Rules of engagement/safe distancing

Since the early part of spring RDA has endeavoured to do everything necessary to provide a safe environment for both staff and players, once the green light is given to re-open business.
All “shared touch points” have been eliminated or reduced greatly. The entire infrastructure has been reviewed and altered as necessary.
The way we will operate from here on, and until further notice, will ensure safe distancing of players, vehicles and personal items.
Red Devils Airsoft prides itself on an extremely safe venue over the past 9 seasons and this tradition shall continue on and through this current situation.

Hours of Operation/Payment
We will open a half hour earlier than normal to allow processing of players. Gates will open at 08:30.

NOTE; on arrival, stay in your vehicles, in the cue. To speed things up and lessen transactions with the debit machine,
One person shall pay for the entire group inside the vehicle (you can square up at your leisure later, plan accordingly)

We will accept VISA/Debit and CASH but only bills in EXACT amount required. NO loose change or rolls of coins will be accepted.


Players, from here forward, shall prepare for their day here as if going on a camping trip. Players shall take home everything they bring in. Nothing will be provided other than the field of play itself, toilets and power to charge your batteries if needed.
We will no longer sell, loan or provide;

Batteries, eye pro, masks etc.
Hand sanitizer

“Drop off players” should make a folding table part of their accessories as space in the bunk house will be limited to 5 players.


Capacity/Gate closures
Red Devils Airsoft reserves the right to limit capacity on the field based on;
Direction from Health Authorities
Staffing levels on the day
Capacity has been reached(events)

A typical walk on game day sees between 25 and 30 players show up. We do not anticipate having to close gates early.
When and if capacity has been reached a sign will be put up on Whitney road;
“FULL NO Admittance!”
 Any person’s by-passing the signage and entering the field shall be considered a tress-passer and will risk an indefinite ban.


Over 3 acres of parking are now available. Vehicles shall park at the red dotted logs, leaving 5m between all vehicles.


A Plexiglas shield has been erected at the Chrono station. Staff will operate the Chrono, players will operate their guns.


Start House
The previous start area in the village area has been moved south 100m out of bounds. Players will check in here with staff for direction.
New players must be here by 930 am for safety briefing.


Command Posts/safe zones
There are now 5 CPs/safe zones. CPs shall be marked by checkered flags.
“Mobile”, “Gator Command”
East Command at tree line/truck
South Command-at start house
North Command Fort Lehay
West Command Green Van


Storage of items
It is extremely important that players adhere to this system. You shall have two options for storage of all your personal gear and “extras”.

Option One- Store all items at your vehicle, no ID required.
Option Two- Store items at your CP. In this option ALL items must have your name on them to avoid cross contamination.

Rules of Engagement
This is and always has been 5m during gameplay. This practice shall continue and players shall, until further notice, cease all “Melee” style of play.
At CPs, during breaks etc. players shall respect self-distancing rules as required.
A limit of 2 players inside all buildings, bunkers and towers shall be in effect here forward.
The practice of “charging” a position Rambo style with a pistol shall cease.
Staff will be watching to ensure players maintain safe distances in all game modes.
Treat other players as you would want to be treated yourself.

Every effort possible, to make your day here both fun and safe, has been made. There has been much sacrifice both financially and physically to make the re-opening happen smoothly.
These past months have been stressful for everyone and to be able to get out for some good fun and fresh air will be joyful.
There will be zero tolerance for any player who cannot follow the rules, exhibits poor sportsmanship etc. etc.

These new measures are in place for everyone’s safety. If you are a new player, please make sure you have read the rules and regulations on our website.
Thank you and see you all soon,
Red Devils Airsoft.