All the amazing reviews from our Facebook page:

Pure awesome!

Wow! Best field and crew.

Place is amazing. And keeps getting better!

Great field, loads of fun. You will have a great time!

I love red devils. Its always changing thanks to all Old Barn's hard work!

Huge battle field and wooded area, friendly environment. I've been to the field a couple times and havn't been let down yet.

Best airsoft experience out there. Regular Saturday's are a blast and the many events, especially the battlefield series, are amazing.

Needs no explanation! Just an amazing and positive place to play airsoft and chill with friends. 

Mark and his team work tirelessly to provide a wicked field that grows bigger and better each year! Do what you can to spread the word and invite your friends!

Great field and play environment. Very friendly staff and a great airsoft community. The Battlefield events are a must for airsofters looking for intense firefights and team tactics.

Very fun! I had so much fun my first time, now I have the bug. 

Amazing games happen here. Great field owner and field. Everytime i go play the field changes, something new is always going on on the field. It keeps you on your toes!

Best to place to be on a Saturday and where i am every week. One game and i was hooked last year and since have played every game this year. 

Had a blast today loved if and everyone was friendly and honest! 10* out of 5!

Great looking field, excellent staff, smooth running. I couldn't ask for more in a Airsoft field. This is the GO TO field in Ontario!
Check it out!

Wow. Played here today and had an amazing experience. Service was way beyond expectations. The other players where phenomenal as well. The owner treated my teammate and myself like we were family. Some of the best service I have encountered ever. This level of passion for the sport and the people who play is totally above and beyond anything I have experienced before. 

This is what a real field is like. Ran extremely well and built to the nines for great cover to cover and open style fun! Amazing owner and is very approachable and nice. Great to see the owner out there with the rest of everyone slinging plastic. TOMBSTONE RECON SHOUTS OUT to this amazing full fun field. 

Honestly the most amazing field I've been to. Period. Nothing really describes the intense engagements that can happen from the open field, to the forest and cqb area. It only goes to five stars but I'd say 10/10!

Reddevils airsoft is a great place to play airsoft! A well organized group of people running the place and a pretty fun place to play even if you just come out for the battle field events like I do. 

Red devil airsoft is amazing! The owner is unreal super nice and I would make the trip every weekend if I could from Whitby! Great kind people and tombstone recon loved it! We will be back as much as we can!

Such a good time and so cheap for what you get. And the owners put their all into so we can have fun. They do it for us to have fun and not make a big dollar! Nice to see and my hats off to people like the Red devil's field. We will continue to come and have fun.

Couldn't have picked a better field for my first time! Friendliest people. They really gave our group a memorable experience.