These rules are industry standard and are NOT up for discussion or debate. They are there for your safety and ours.

In the interest of player safety, all new/first time players must arrive by 9:30 am at the latest with a signed waiver. A full briefing must be attended before games start.
No new/first time players will be registered after game starts at 10 am.
All returning regular RDA players may arrive late but must check in with office radio.


  • WAIVER: Please read, print off and sign a waiver, to be kept on file.
    This form is only required at your first visit.


  • AGE: The minimum age to play on the field is 12 years old. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Minors (12 to 18) may be dropped off if parents/guardian live within 1 hour of field. No later than 4 p.m. pick up. Any parent failing to be back on time will forfeit their drop off privileges indefinitely.

  • FPS LIMITS: Gun FPS limits are strictly enforced and are as follows:

    • AEGs/Gas Guns: 400 fps with .20 bbs

    • Sniper/Bolt action guns:

      • Sniper rifles shooting greater than 400fps, with .20 bb will be limited to players 18 of age and older.

      • max 500 fps with .20s - Min engagement distance 30M/100 feet

      • Maximum weight .43 bbs.

      • RDA reserves the right to remove sniping privileges for an unspecified period of time for any snipers failing to comply with these distances.

      • Snipers MUST carry/have available a secondary weapon (AEG/handgun) that shoots 400fps or under.

      • In 2020, we will chrono with .40 bbs and rate in joules.

    • NO special DMR category! NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.

  • CHRONOGRAPH: Guns are chronographed on site, prior to games. If your gun fails, you have several choices, such as renting, but your gun will not be allowed in play until it passes the chrono test. You may also be subject to an "on field" chrono during play. This is to ensure your safety and other players on the field.

  • EYE PROTECTION: Eye protection is strictly enforced and must be rated Z87+ ANSI at minimum. Paintball goggle systems are also acceptable. No Mesh eye protection allowed. Staff have the right to eject you for any eye protection violation (i.e. removing eye wear on the field during play).

  • TEETH PROTECTION: All players MUST have some form of teeth protection. With the addition of the ever-expanding CQB village, teeth pro is strictly enforced. Hockey mouth guards are acceptable for those who do not wish to wear mesh or plastic face pro. Shemaghs and scarves are NOT accepted as protection. 

  • GRENADES: Only allowed if they are cold burning, commercial grade and certified as such by an admin at the field.  Spring powered can be verified with an admin before going on field. Homemade products are strictly forbidden. 

  • NO 40 mike or other similar devices

  • NO device that makes an explosive sound/bang

  • NO laser attachments

  • NO knives/blades (immediate ejection) 

  • NO homemade devices (unless approved by RDA)

  • NO cheating (just call your hits!)

  • NO blind shooting


    • Magazines/clips/drums MUST be ejected. No loaded guns.

    • Safety always ON

    • NO dry firing. If you need to test or tune your equipment, please use the firing range. 

  • Please take your garbage home. We no longer provide garbage cans due to Mark almost being blown up from propane canisters left in the burn barrels. Anyone caught littering will be suspended from the field.

  • We do not sell food (too many critters around the property). We DO provide water if you bring your own bottle and we do sell Gatorade (1 for $3 or 2 for $5).

  • Players need to be self reliant in 2020, make sure your gun meets the rules and have a backup. Bring extra batteries -- power is available over lunch so bring your own charger if needed. No loaners or rentals will be available.